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Jim Jorgensen: It's Never Too Late to Get Rich

Jim Jorgensen

Nationally Known Host of "The Jorgensen on Money"

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Palm Springs, California, United States
About Jim Jorgensen

Jim Jorgensen is a nationally syndicated radio host specializing in personal finance and retirement. He is the best-selling author of six personal finance books, including The Graying of America. Simon & Schuster published his last book; It's Never Too Late To Get Rich, his two recent books on personal finance and retirement have been e-books..

His new book Retire Tax Free draws on his 30-years of retirement planning and tells how retirees could lose 40% or more of the money they withdraw ...

Your talk was the best! Employees who could not attend wanted the video.

Debbie Maatsch - Exxon Corporation

Your keynote was singled out above all the others as the highlight of the entire conference.

Jill Short - Scudder Kemper Services

Yours was by far the best program we've had in years.

Stuart Miller - D. Rosenthal Corporation
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