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Jennifer Pharr Davis Motivation, overcoming adversity, adversity, Environment/Sustainability, Environmental, environment, Growth, personal growth Jennifer Pharr Davis Motivation, overcoming adversity, adversity, Environment/Sustainability, Environmental, environment, Growth, personal growth
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Jennifer Pharr Davis

Hiker, Author, Speaker, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

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Asheville, North Carolina, USA
About Jennifer Pharr Davis

Jennifer Pharr Davis knows what it takes to keep going. As a hiker, she has covered more than 14,000 miles, exploring trails on sixcontinents and in all fifty states. Jennifer has hiked the Appalachian Trail three times. In 2011 she set the fastest known time (FKT) on the A.T., completing the 2,190 mile footpath in 46 days- an average of 47 miles a day- and besting marks established over decades by elite male ultra runners.

As a mother of two, Jennifer has yet to slow down. She backpacked 700 ...

“Jennifer Pharr Davis simply exceeded our expectations. Her story is compelling on its own merit, but Jennifer’s ability to connect with our audience of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds was both unique and appreciated. She is inspiring, insightful, engaging, and electrifying as a speaker. Her presence is commanding and yet she exudes a warmth and serenity which few people are able to effectively combine. We would have her back in a heartbeat and would highly recommend Jennifer for any organizational or corporate speaking need.”

Todd Gothberg - Volvo USA

“Jennifer gave a wonderful presentation at our Carolinas Leadership Conference. She had clearly done her homework on our company, and I was impressed by her ability to relate her Appalachian Trail experiences to the goals and themes of our conference. Everyone in attendance connected with her and was impressed by her, so much so that she was quickly booked for another Wells Fargo event. I highly recommend this talented athlete, author, and entrepreneur and believe that her message would be well received by all corporate audiences.”

Stan Kelly - Wells Fargo

“Jennifer gave a terrific presentation at our Google campus. She is a world class athlete and an equally impressive speaker. I would guess that more than a few audience members will venture into the High Sierras this weekend, thanks to Jen's exciting and compelling tales. I would highly recommend Jennifer for business gatherings of any size."

Andrew de los Reyes - Google

“Jennifer’s story is more than just breaking records; it's a story about triumph over hardship – pushing far beyond what she thought she was capable of doing. But her story is also about support and dedication to others; acknowledging that her journey is more than just her own accomplishments. Jennifer is a talented speaker, illuminating her journey in a compelling and gripping way. Our audience very much enjoyed her talk; she is one of the best speakers we’ve had.”

Dan McCoy - University of Wyoming

“We had a great turnout of people who came to see Jennifer Pharr Davis speak about her Appalachian Trail experiences. She was very personable and she engaged the audience with her stories and photos of the A.T. The Q/A session went well and even her book sales were a success!”

Linda Rosenkranz - Vanderbilt University

“During my nearly thirty years in schools I have come across a precious few individuals who can thoroughly capture the hearts and minds of an adolescent audience. Jennifer Pharr Davis is one of them.

Particularly captivating is her message for young women, both the already strong and all the others who desperately want to be. From Jennifer they hear a very new message about the nature of beauty and the means to discover it both in ourselves and in our surroundings.

As one student put it so succinctly when Jennifer walked past her classroom window, ‘Wow. She’s amazing!’

She is indeed, and I recommend that you bring her to your school to speak to your students and your faculty. The experience is one of the special gifts that can be offered to any community of people. Indeed, if the Appalachian Trail can elicit in everyone what it has in Jennifer, then we should all be lacing up our boots and striking out.”

Ben Williams - Cate School
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