Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim, Entrepreneurs, Customer Service, Motivational Women, Motivational Customer Service, Stress Management Speaker, Workplace Culture Jenn Lim, Entrepreneurs, Customer Service, Motivational Women, Motivational Customer Service, Stress Management Speaker, Workplace Culture
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Jenn Lim: Speaking Reel
Jenn Lim: Reconnecting With Your Role In Healthcare: Priorities, Purpose, and Values
Jenn Lim: McDonald's Presentation
Jenn Lim: Delivering Happiness
Jenn Lim: Culture as a Competitive Advantage
Jenn Lim: AMGA Conference

Jenn Lim

Bestselling Author of Beyond Happiness, Top-Rated Keynote Speaker, and Global Workplace Expert

About Jenn Lim

Meet Jenn Lim CEO | Founder | Bestselling Author | Global Workplace Expert

Jenn Lim wears a lot of hats — literally and figuratively. She’s a bestselling author and has been named one of the World’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers. She’s had the privilege of leading a company to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing List, sitting on the Global Happiness Council of Work & Wellbeing, and working with hundreds of companies — from Fortune 500s and Best Places to Work to startups and ...

Jenn really connected well with the audience early, used humor effectively, and utilized an AMC personal experience in her speech.
Jenn’s PowerPoint presentation was terrific: highly stylized, smart, and fun.

AMC Theatres Annual Leadership Conference

I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak at the Patient Experience Conference at the Cleveland Clinic. You were the highest rated speaker of the event and I believe that it is a testament to your skill as a speaker, but more importantly a validation of your message!

Cleveland Clinic

Jenn was wonderful. She was engaging and educating and really just an all-around great person. The clients were very happy.

Genentech Leadership Fall Summit

Ms. Lim was sure a delight to work with. I met her the morning of her speech and she was pleasant and prepared. She came with her thumb drive ready for action. I heard several attendees talking about ordering the book.

Prime Alliance Solutions 9th Annual Symposium

She was great. Her message was spot on and parlayed perfectly with the other content.

Freeman Companies Leadership Conference

WE DID IT! We pulled off a meaningful program that will help our members transform their organizations in a positive way for years to come. I'm so grateful to you and the entire team for placing your trust in us and being tremendous partners in learning. You all have created an incredible ripple of impact for us as well.

Erika Liodice, Executive Director - Alliance for Innovation and Transformation
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