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Jeff Degraff: The Dean of Innovation

Jeff Degraff

Top Innovation & Creativity Speaker, University of Michigan Business Professor, Bestselling Author

About Jeff Degraff

Dubbed the “Dean of Innovation,” Jeff DeGraff not only wrote the book(s) on innovation, but is renowned for jumpstarting creativity andempowering innovation culture, strategies, competencies, community, and ecosystems for over half the Fortune 500. A former executive at Domino’s Pizza, where he grew the business from $50M to $2B acquisition, Dr. DeGraff is both a professorat the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and founder of the Innovatrium, an innovation center and consulting ...

Jeff’s presentation was far and away one of the best that I saw last week. Our team debriefed for quite some time on it and are reviewing how we can implement some of the suggestions.


"Innovation is a skill, not a gift. It can be routinized like any other business imperative such as productivity, leadership, or quality. DeGraff shows you the way."

Drew, Director - Johnson & Johnson

"I could not be any more pleased with how well it went over and I know my team feels the same way. It truly was a very valuable experience for everyone."

Robert, CEO - Environmental Data Resources

"Simply put, Jeff DeGraff’s methods work! In working with Jeff and his framework to transform various aspects of our business model, it became increasingly clear that he was also subtly transforming me and my team. It’s clear that the step by step process he’s used to transform business, can likewise, be unleashed to re-shape and transform the individual."

Pfizer, Inc
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