Jeff Havens

Jeff Havens, Accountability NSB Jeff Havens, Accountability NSB

Jeff Havens Speech Topics

Uncrapify Your Life!
The Most Innovative Innovation Keynote In The History Of Ever If you’ve listened to anyone talk about innovation recently, you’ve probably heard something along these lines: “The world is changing at a crazy fast rate. Everything you’re doing now is about to become obsolete. If you don’t come up...
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HR Intervention! (professional development and etiquette)
Designed specifically with HR departments, new hires, and emerging leaders in mind, HR Intervention! will completely change your view of professional development training. Where everyone else offers advice, Jeff uses his trademark wit and reverse psychology to give you “permission” to engage in...
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Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! (management and leadership)
The first of its kind, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! helps managers and executives become better leaders by showing them everything they should avoid – including how to create a culture of fear and mistrust, how to oppress and demoralize employees, and how to stand firm in the face of all change –...
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Us Vs. Them (generational issues)
If you’ve listened to any other discussion about generational issues at work, then you’ve undoubtedly been told there are four distinct generations operating side-by-side in today’s working world. You’ve then been told the differences between those four generations, and then you’ve been told...
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Perfecting the Customer Experience In Four Simple Steps
Ah, the customer experience. It used to be that you just had to provide customers with good service, right? But that somehow became synonymous with dealing with problems and putting out fires, and so now you have to provide your customers with an experience that is so positive, happy, seamless,...
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