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During your performance there was not one person who did not have a big smile on their face, and most were doing more than smiling they were laughing out loud and nearly falling out of their chairs!
Debbie Belt - Illinois Health Care Association
I can't tell you how many times I heard from our guests that yours was one of the funniest shows that they had ever seen. Your performance was one of great energy, incredible physical seats, and unmatched comedy.
Chris Dudley - High Point University
Jeff wowed the crowd at our annual leadership conference. He was funny, professional, and smooth, but best of all, he made the audience feel like part of the program. He received a standing ovation--we didn't want his presentation to end!
John Petruzelli - HOBY
We have been blessed to have you speak to our classes two years in a row. The students commented that not only were you their favorite speaker of the year, you were the one from whom they learned the most.
Jodi Moreo - CSP NSA-LV Academy
You made this year's annual conference one for the history books! We are all still laughing and scratching our heads on how we top that performance for next year's global conference.
Kristin Hanousek, Senior Director of Meetings & Events - Carlson
People were laughing so hard that they were crying. We are getting calls and e-mails from our employees, thanking us for a wonderful evening and for bringing Jeff to Casper.
Cathy Guschewsky - Fremont Motor Company
The ultimate professional you had turned what started out as polite laughter into displays of uncontrollable, eye-watering howls! The energy level and content of your comedy, juggling and talent all combined, is unmatched.
Jaci Zweig, Certified Corporate Concierge - Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC
Wow! What a performance. The energy, excitement and your delivery to our members was nothing less than amazing! The way you were able to engage our abidance, keep them entertained and literally laughing out loud, was more than we could have ever expected. We can and will recommend you often and without hesitation.
Richard J. Thor, President / CEO - The Associated General Contractors of America
Recommended by two of our best entertainers ever- Mike Rayburn and Jason Hewlett your combination of raw talent, comedy laced with tons of great "improv," and hilarious audience participation brought something we had never experienced before- and people loved it! I believe the laughter is what made your act so memorable amidst 30 others we've chosen over the years.
Sean Hopkins, Director Global Sales and Marketing - Juice Plus+
Jeff's natural with, phenomenal skills as a juggler and polished professionalism truly added a level of entertainment that our program has not seen in the annual event The audience loved him from the first moments, and he added an energy to the show that we have not seen in recent years.
Janice L. Spurlock Director, Associate Communications - Rite Aid
You were professional and flexible and effortlessly utilized your comedic genius, sarcastic wit, and use of props and impeccable timing to keep the audience in stitches the entire time More importantly, you achieved our goal, left our members with a smile and set the tone for a truly fun and memorable event. You are a gem and at the top of my recommendation list, but seriously, how will we top you next year?!
- Jodie Brooks Member Services Coordinator - Grain & Feed Association of Illinois
People were laughing so hard that they were crying. We are getting calls and e-mails from our employees, thanking us for a wonderful evening and for bringing Jeff to Casper.
Cathy Guschewsky - Fremont Companies
WOW - comedy in action is a severe understatement! I look forward to bringing you to the platform for my clients across the board and will recommend you with complete confidence. You are the perfect addition for any organization wanting to begin or end their event on a high note.
Jeannie Esposito, President - Allstar Alliance
The best act yet!
Tamara Pluth, Executive Vice President, Branches, Marketing - Trans West Credit Union
Jeff did a great job of engaging the crowd and setting the stage for an evening of fun! I was impressed that he took the time to research our brand and incorporate some of our core messaging into his act. This subtle nod to our brand personality was appreciated by the audience as well.
Melissa Reber, Creative Director - Auntie Anne's
If there is one obstacle in having Jeff perform.. it is that next year it is going to be impossible to top. Hands down, [Jeff] was the best so far. If you have the opportunity to hire Jeff, take it!
Lisa Trewin Grosset, Vice President of Finance & Administration - Light Wave Telecommunications Inc.
During your performance, our attendees were not only falling off their seats from laughter, but truly captivated by your talents and message. You did magnificent work incorporating our theme 'Payroll Rocks the World.' Jeff, your originality, charisma, sincerity, polish and performance is a very difficult act to follow. You made an indelible mark on our 35th congress. I'm as honored as I am grateful. Thank you for being an important part of our success in Orlando. Best of luck in all your endeavors. You are multi-mega-talented. I can't wait to see where your talents take you. Certainly I hope to work together again.
Dan Maddux, Executive Director - American Payroll Association
When we hired Jeff for our conference in Vegas, it was our first experience with using a professional emcee. Our hope was to help engage our attendees right off the bat, increase the level of professionalism with some of our messaging and, of course, encourage them to have a little fun in the process. He did not disappoint! From the very beginning, he brought our team great ideas and suggestions to enhance the conference experience and went the extra mile to learn the details of our conference ahead of time. Onsite, he was extremely flexible to our ever-changing schedule and was such a pleasure to work with. Our survey results are just starting to roll in, and I'm already seeing positive remarks about Jeff in the comments! I would highly recommend Jeff Civillico for any conference!
Christy Angle, Conference Program Manager - ISACA
If someone were to say to me 'hey you're gonna have a juggler come entertain and do a workshop' I would have said 'no way, no how' because my perception is that it's not going to be something that inspires, or ignites fire or excitement. Totally wrong. It was incredible!
Jeff Rust, Co-Founder & CEO - Corporate Alliance