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Jeanne Bliss, Customer Service, Customer Relationships NSB, business, change, Consumer Trends, Customer Relationships, leadership, marketing, branding Jeanne Bliss, Customer Service, Customer Relationships NSB, business, change, Consumer Trends, Customer Relationships, leadership, marketing, branding

Jeanne Bliss Text Reviews

"If you are looking to light up a couple thousand people with the value of doing what is right for your customers, look no further. Jeanne Bliss has that rarest of talents -- being an operationally driven visionary. She's a bottle-rocket wrapped inside a book of customer wisdom."
Mike Mansbach, CEO - Punch Tab
From the moment Jeanne begins to speak, you feel a rush of energy and the passion of thirty years of intense customer focus packed into her five-foot frame.
Bob Johnson, Vice President, Health & Wellness - Century Furniture Corporation
Jeanne Bliss is a powerhouse when it comes to driving customer focus. She has an uncanny ability to cut across an organization and support leaders in the quest to drive the operation of the company toward strong and powerful customer relationships.
Gary Comer - Founder, Lands' End
Talking about customer success is one thing; having it in your DNA is another. Jeanne Bliss provides refreshing and needed advice for organizations who say they're committed to customer loyalty but don't seem to make any progress.
Wim Elfrink - Senior Vice President, Customer Advocacy, Cisco Systems Inc.
The concentration of customer care in a single C-level authority is an emerging discipline of the early 2000 decade but Jeanne Bliss is already firmly in place as its oracle who can make it actionable as a major economic value-add.
Mack Hanan - Best-Selling Author, Consultative Selling
I wanted to thank you. The work-shop/half day session was awesome! And let me tell you, I loved the book too.It took me a couple of evenings and most of my weekend and I really enjoyed the read!
S.Hagi - Bell Canada
Truly enjoyed the dynamics of Jeanne. Jeanne was extremely up tempo and used real life experiences. She provided ideas and tools that became a topic of discussion at dinner. Really stimulated ideas of how to identify gaps in customer focus.
Multiple Attendees - Symposium for Services Leadership Event
Bliss tells how to overcome the impasse of silos and varying agendas in realistic ways with approaches that can be practiced today. She's lived inside the corporate structure and imparts sage advice on how to best navigate through it to get results.
Edward Benack - Sr. Vice President, Customer Experience, Monster Worldwide
I enjoyed your presentation at the Service Industry Association. It was the best presentation on customer service I have seen or heard, basically an ROI approach to good customer service that resonated with your audience of CEOs and business leaders.
Elizabeth B. Samra - Masterplan, Inc.
Jeanne Bliss' five competencies aligned our leadership team and gave us a roadmap for improving our customer experiences.
Pat Meyer, President & CEO - Pella Windows Corporation, Pella Iowa
Jeanne Bliss is a gift to Chief Customer Officers. She brings a practical understanding to the aspiration of leading an organization toward customer-centricity.
Joe Taylor, Chief Customer Officer, Vice President Global Market Research - Eli Lilly and Company
No one knows more about the Customer Experience Leadership Role than Jeanne Bliss.
Scott Dille, Senior Vice President, Director of Client and Employee Experience - Northern Trust
Jeanne Bliss does a great job of providing advice for every company who is either setting out on or advancing their experience journey. Her Would You Do That To Your Mother book, and analogy, connected customer experience on the most basic and impactful human level for our audience - inspiring them to understand its impact, internalize it for their role, and prepare them to take action.
Scott Allison, Chief Customer Officer - DHL Supply Chain