Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty, Creativity & Innovation, NSB huffington post, international, innovation, media, social media, minority Jay Shetty, Creativity & Innovation, NSB huffington post, international, innovation, media, social media, minority

Jay Shetty Speech Topics

How to Find Your Purpose in The Workplace – Interactive
One of the top challenges for executives is raising employee engagement, and for good reason. Engagement is on the decline across the world, and that spells trouble for business leaders everywhere. Today, employees are genuinely searching for meaning, purpose and fulfillment in the workplace....
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Why Connected Thinkers Will Rule the Future
We’ve lived in times ruled by lawyers, doctors and bankers. We’ve moved onto a time ruled by coders, engineers, analysts and mathematicians for the Internet. The challenge that faces individuals today is to be a connected thinker. People who can bring together mindfulness, with modern psychology,...
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The Millennial and Gen Z Mind
Millennials may be the most studied generation in history. Considering they will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, it comes as no surprise. The challenge lies in knowing how to recruit, retain and reward this new era as they puzzle their parents as much as their bosses. In this insightful...
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Personal Online Brand
The question today is if you don’t have an online brand, do you even exist? Every employee today can be a brand ambassador; every director needs to be a voice. We no longer live in a B2B world but a H2H, human to human world where people want to do business with people. The online world allows...
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Conscious Communication
A 75-year Harvard study found that the key to a fulfilling life can be unearthed through good relationships. And, the key to good relationships is good communication. Jay will share insights from timeless wisdom and modern behavioral science - illustrating how to form long term relationships and...
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Self-Care for Service
We live in a guest first environment. This allows us to make a difference and impact in the lives of others. But to do this at an optimal level, we need to invest in ourselves. We need to take care of our moods, emotions, feelings and bodies. This keynote will provide the simple tools and...
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Digital Innovation – Preparing Your Mindset for the Future
What got us here, won’t get us there. More and more people are worried about robots taking their jobs, the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning pose real threats to our careers and companies. How can companies redefine their mindset for the new world? What skills need to be...
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Customization In addition to sharing his experiences as a monk, digital strategist and social media influencer, Jay can customize his talks to include the following takeaways: • Navigating through Transition Change, Adaptability, Resilience; • Mindfulness & Reflection Reducing stress and pressure...
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Experiential Speaking
His innovative approach engages audiences of any size with interactive exercises he likes to call “experiential learning.” Jay believes people need to go through experiences to retain and apply knowledge so his sessions are created with the audience at the center.
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