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Jason Lezak

2008 Olympic Gold Swimming Medalist

About Jason Lezak

Jason Lezak saved the dream not once, but twice for Team USA and teammate Michael Phelps:

August 11th: Jason anchored the Historic 4x100m Men's Medley Relay team in a come-from-behind victory over the French, with the fastest 100 relay split ever (46.06). Jason's swim kept Michael Phelps' quest for eight gold medals alive, and helped the relay team shatter the world record.

August 17th: Jason dominated the last leg of the 4x100m Men's Medley Relay, winning the gold for his USA team and securing ...

I wanted to let you know Jason was unbelievable! His presentation was inspiring and humorous and our attendees were enamored by his presence. Please let him know we appreciate all that he did, especially signing all of the JDRF items . . .

Renee Talbert - Allscripts

I cannot tell you how much people absolutely loved you!!! Your presence and story was what we needed and personally I still cannot believe that I had the good fortune of standing next to someone like you, a real hero. I am a total sports nut and I admire

Nyron Khan - Roche Pharmaceuticals

Jason was a huge hit at our event. When George brought him on stage, he had a great standing ovation. He was very engaging at the cocktail party, and was a real trooper at our big event that evening . . .

Stan Tims - TRIRIGA, Inc.
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