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Janet Evans Bio

Janet Evans is considered the greatest female distance swimmer of all time, and much to the world's delight, she's back in the water. Celebrating her 40th birthday and her comeback in the same year, Janet is currently training after taking off one of the longest competitive retirements on record.

When Janet isn't in the water, her focus is on her two young children and being a role model not only to her kids but to mothers around the country. She is an ambassador for LYFE Kitchen with the mission to answer America's most significant unmet need: provide great tasting, naturally prepared, convenient, good-for-you food that is delicious, and nutritious and satisfying.

Janet's book "Total Swimming," offers fitness programs, proper stroke technique, ways to achieve swimming goals and maximize your workouts.

As a wife, mother, business woman and training athlete, Janet feels more balanced and complete than ever. A highly requested motivational speaker, she relates to audiences of all backgrounds encouraging them to reach their goals in any stage of life.