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Jacqueline Marcell

Eldercare, Alzheimer’s, Author of “Elder Rage”, Radio Host

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Irvine, California, United States
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I barely survived caring for my (once adoring) challenging father and sweet ailing mother, both with Alzheimer's undiagnosed for over a year. But after fighting through the medical system and depleting my parents' life savings and much of my own -- I figured everything out medically, behaviorally, socially, legally, financially, and emotionally.

Passion to save others (especially from elder abuse), resulted in writing "Elder Rage"; hosting the "Coping With Caregiving" radio show; media ...

Jacqueline Marcell was a "home-run hit . . ." Her first-hand knowledge of caring for loved ones makes her a natural for speaking to family members who are walking the journey of Alzheimer's or related dementia(s).

Janice Morgan - Alzheimer's Association, Oklahoma Chapter

Jacqueline was a smash-hit keynoter at our 26th Annual Arkansas Aging Conference. She was totally at ease in front of more than 500 rapt listeners--with animated, emphatic, witty, and wise stories of sorrow and success as a caregiver.

Ron Tatus - Division of Aging and Adult Services, Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services, Little Rock, AR

How do you describe something better than excellent?! One attendee said her grandmother had Alzheimer's, lived in their home, and appreciated that Jacqueline understood what her household actually went through--but that the doctor never got the picture.

Judy Story - Key Club Adult Day Care Center, Danville, Illinois

You MUST have Jacqueline speak to your group. She communicates a powerful message to caregivers, which most just can't grasp from healthcare professionals. She has lived what they are living and struggled with what they are struggling.

Gina Shaffer - -Gina Shaffer Law Office, LLC, Bel Air, MD

Thank you for your superb presentation . . . what a fabulous presentation it was! Your ability to combine humor, personal insight, wisdom, & critical meaningful guidance to all of us involved in the web of care for those with dementia was sensational.

Robert Stern, Ph.D. - Director, Alzheimer's Clinical and Research Program, Boston University School of Medicine

The evaluations are extremely positive from professionals and families alike, and we are receiving numerous calls for help because of you. Your presentations were absolutely incredible, standing room only, as you touched so many with laughter and tears.

Jeanie Mitchell, RN, CMC, CCM - Oklahoma Chapter of the Case Management Society of America
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