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Your real-life stories on how to achieve success had the perfect mix of humor and encouragement. It is not always difficult to find successful individuals, but seldom does one come along with the ability to motivate a group as well as you motivated ours.
Mark Dixon - Children's Mircale Network
Thank you once again for the outstanding job you did for our client, Ameritech, in Las Vegas! The enthusiastic and attentive response of the audience displayed throughout your keynote address is a true testimony of how much your presentation was enjoyed.
Steve Martinez - Sports & Marketing Entertainment, Inc.
What a great CEO University we had in Morocco. As you know, CEO members evaluate each speaker. I'm delighted to tell you that you received straight 10s. After spending the week with you, you're a straight 10 in my book as a person as well.
Zane Tankel - Chief Executives Organization
Your keynote in Las Vegas was right on target. Your insights into universal principles of success and the power of focus were delivered in a clear, engaging style that prompted listeners to immediately and profitably put the guidance to use.
Vinnie Tracey, President - RE/MAX International
The Success Principles you highlighted were a perfect match for our business. Our company vision includes the growth and improvement of our personal and professional lives; your message highlighted the things each of us can do to achieve those goals.
Steve Bunger, President & CEO - Mobile Mini, Inc.
Your dynamic, SRO, presentation of "The Success Principles" is a perfect fit with our business philosophy and your presentation spoke to each of us. The demonstration you shared with our group on the power of the mind to visualize was amazing.
Robert P. Ruccione, Branch Manager - Coldwell Banker
Your Success Principles have become part of the everyday vocabulary of our field and the results are amazing. We're seeing a whole new level of energy and renewed commitment at every level of our organization.
Gina Murphy, Vice President of Communication & Events - PartyLite
While we were moved and motivated by your book The Success Principles, having you deliver your message in person brought home the concepts even more vividly. Your message was very in-sync with the entrepreneurial, can-do philosophy of Assist-2-Sell, Inc.
Mary LaMeres-Pomin & Lyle Martin, Co-Owners - Assist-2-Sell, Inc.