Bazzel Baz

Bazzel Baz, Social Justice, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational people, University Inspiration secret agent, terrorrism, CIA Bazzel Baz, Social Justice, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational people, University Inspiration secret agent, terrorrism, CIA
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Bazzel Baz

Co-Star on NBC's The Blacklist, Former CIA Special Operations Operative Turned Extreme Humanitarian and MSNBC Advisor on War on Terrorism

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Los Angeles, CA, United States
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He has a way of helping people to breakthrough and stretch to new levels of greatness. He's Bazzel Baz, aka "Baz", President of the Association For The Recovery of Children and Life Guarantor for a plethora of clients finding themselves in life threatening circumstances. Baz's favorite quote from his father "it isn't what happens to you, it's what you do with what happens to you that counts"...helps fuel his fire as he works with his clients to move to extraordinary performance and motivation. Baz's ...

He is an excellent storyteller who engages his audience in a style that is conversational, yet informational and even mesmerizing. I have seen him spring his audience into action through his sheer enthusiasm and magnetic energy.

Jillene MacCreery, Former Chief - Terrorist Travel Branch, National Counter Terrorism Center

I work more now in the anti-trafficking field, and when discussing that conference with colleagues who were there, only a certain few presentations remained clear in our minds, and among those universally was the talk Baz gave.

Don Love, J.D. - President Protocol Services Inc. Director of Investigations, The Defender Foundation

"Baz is a force for good to be reckoned with. He is dedicated to rescuing the least among us from the entrapment of the nefarious forces of greed and lust. He is wise and capable. His stories open hearts to the crying need of our age to rescue the children from the forces of evil."

Ted Baehr - Movieguide

Baz's presentation at all our conferences are compelling, insightful, and informative. His presentation at the most recent Des Moines conference received a spontaneous and thunderous standing ovation from the packed conference.

Tony Nassif, President & Founder - Preventing Abuse Foundation

Unlike many speakers that pontificate on what they think is happening, Baz simply spits out the truth, based on vetted sources and reliable methods of intelligence gathering. Given the right circumstances, Bazzel Baz could lead a nation to victory.

Tom Flores- Director Security - Fluor Corp.

He is called "the Patron Saint of Missing Kids.

Diane Dimond - Journalist
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