Kim Alexis

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Kim Alexis

Supermodel, TV Personality, Health & Fitness Expert

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New York, NY, US
About Kim Alexis

Kim Alexis has a high recognition in the marketplace, particularly among women in the 35-60 year old range. Having been featured in over 500 magazine covers, worked as a fashion correspondent on Good Morning America and appeared in countless commercials for companies such as Revlon, Gillette and many others, Kim is deeply etched in the consciousness of tens of millions of American consumers.

Unlike most Supermodels, Kim has never intimidated women. Rather, to most consumers, she has always come ...

. . . the best feedback has been that she was so sweet to sometimes apologize for not being a cancer survivor but that was precisely why she was the right choice, because she spoke to the women and women first. She, frankly, knocked it out of the park!

Office of Governor - Steven L. Beshear
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