Hal Runkel Speech Topics

ScreamFree Parenting

Five Truths Every Parent Needs to Know

Every parent wants a more peaceful home. And a little respect & appreciation wouldn’t hurt, either. We also crave something deeper: We want to feel confident we’re doing a good job and feel capable to handle any parenting challenge. All of that is...

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The Lifelong Marriage Mindset

Six Keys to Creating a Romance that Lasts

Building a lifelong romance is a universal dream, but the realities of marriage can make that dream so difficult to come true. What we need is a radical new Lifelong Marriage Mindset, focused on uncovering the common lies about marriage, and replacing...

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Choose Your Own Adulthood

The Small Choices that Make a Big Difference

Respond More, React Less...Create More, Critique Less...Finish More, Start Less. These are some of the small but significant choices of successful adults, and these are the choices young people need to master. What started as a letter to his graduating...

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Parenting in the Digital Age

Never before in human history have teens been this connected to each other, nor had access to this much information (and misinformation) about sex, violence and other of life’s dangers. This combination
is leading to enormous problems involving sexting, cyberbullying, and child pornography, to...

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Launching Hope: Preparing our Teens for the Real World

Over the last 30 years, the rate of twenty-somethings moving back home has doubled. During the same time, teenagers have started experiencing more distress, and less success. These two problems stem from the same fatal flaw. In short, we started raising kids, and we stopped launching new,...

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The 7 Deadly Sins of the 21st Century

Immediacy. Consumerism. Multimediocrity. Sitting. These are but a few of the modern maladies of the human spirit. In the name of more speed, more stuff, and more comfort, we are killing ourselves to be happy. In this revolutionary look at contemporary life, Hal leads us to “confession,” helping...

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The ScreamFree Workplace

Creating a Culture of Adult Humans in a World of Reactive Lizards

When coworkers trust, respect, and even enjoy one another, their workplace not only becomes more peaceful, it becomes more productive. The ScreamFree Workplace is eye-opening, practical, and presented in a LOL, interactive...

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The Leader’s Pause: How to Respond More, React Less, and Increase Your Influence

The central question of leadership is this: How do leaders motivate their people to motivate themselves? How can leaders leverage their authority to create a system that heightens self-direction and engenders shared responsibility? In this engaging and entertaining presentation, Hal Runkel, the...

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