Gretchen Lumsden Bio

Gretchen has 20 years experience in the health industry and is a Professional Speaker. Her sessions are entertaining, lively and packed with powerful information to save lives and ensure a healthy workforce. Since healthy workers are productive workers, Gretchen?s session is essential at a time when industry is required to work more with less.


Wellness and Wellbeing = Peak Productivity We eat, drink, sleep and have sex, yet most of us are unaware of information to assist us to be healthier, live longer and be more productive.

Surviving Into the 21st Century Life saving facts to avoid not only heart disease, but cancer and diabetes.

Peak Performance and Productivity Peak productivity depends on a healthy workforce. How healthy is yours? Gretchen can help create a more productive workforce.

Health is Wealth Our motto is "Health before wealth". A healthy workforce is productive. People worried about health and wellbeing have lower productivity - sometimes as low as 50%. These sessions allow people to take control over their health and wellbeing.

This is a proactive approach to health. It's a worthwhile investment in all aspects of commerce and industry.

Gender Differences for Peak PerformanceWe are the same but different. Understanding this will help us at work and in relationships.

Birth OrderHow we behave is very complex, but behaviour is influenced by many contributing factors, one of which is our birth order in the family.

Left Brain, Right BrainAre you predominately right or left brained?? Understanding people's brain dominance will lead to better working and personal relationships!

Is your child predominately right or left brained? Would you like to be able to help him or her more? This short 2-hour workshop will give you the tools to achieve real results.

Topics: Gender Differences, Health, Lifestyle, Wellness and Wellbeing

Travels From: Western Australia