Genein Letford

Genein Letford, DEI Intercultural Creativity  Creativity, DE&I, leadership, Creative Thinking, Education  Cultural Competency, College  Women in Leadership, Creativity in Tech  Financial Literacy, Faith Based Creativity Genein Letford, DEI Intercultural Creativity  Creativity, DE&I, leadership, Creative Thinking, Education  Cultural Competency, College  Women in Leadership, Creativity in Tech  Financial Literacy, Faith Based Creativity
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Genein Letford

Award-winning educator and speaker on the Intercultural and NeuroSomatic Creativity

About Genein Letford

Genein Letford is an award-winning educator, best-selling author and international speaker on the Intercultural Creativity® and NeuroSomatic Creativity®. As a TEDx speaker and top neuro-creativity keynote speaker, she has inspired many leaders and educators to be aware of their brain influences their cultural lenses and creative abilities in order to produce innovative ideas for the classroom and workspace. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies, LLC which ...

Inspiring. Eye opening. Scholarly. Fierce. Rarely do you get to hear a keynote speaker hit all those marks in one impactful message. Genein Letford's command of the brain science, its practical adaptation to teaching and learning in our current crisis context, and the rootedness in the practice of serving children urgently and well was exactly the message our educators needed to hear. Full of warm stories, practical examples, and a poetic and stirring telling of her own story; I am so grateful that she delivered exactly what our educators needed to rise to the aid of our students in these unprecedented times.

Myrna Castrejon, President and CEO - California Charter Schools Association

Genein was the keynote speaker at our Teacher Induction Culmination event celebrating teachers who finished their first two years of teaching. Genein provided the perfect balance of celebration and information in the keynote. She is a wonderful collaborator who delivers motivating and professional keynotes.

Marica Russell, Program Manager - Fremont Unified School District

Genein has an amazing knack for bringing such a depth to this, and my colleagues were raving about how much we need to bring her ideas into how we not only collaborate, but also impact our students and teachers. Suffice to say, a session she led with our team was awesome! I really admire and am so grateful for how she continues to serve in such creative ways.

Kristina Joye Lyles, Vice President, Equity & Impact -

Genein lifts every room she enters. She's humble and vulnerable with her own story--deeply inspiring in its own right-- but she speaks with purpose, sharing her journey to help other connect with their own inner drive. Genein's talk "Finding Your Why" at the 2015 California Charter Schools Conference was the perfect kick off three days of learning and reflection for more than 100 teachers across California. Our teachers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ideologies, and Genein brought us all together around a higher purpose. She is a tremendous teacher and speaker.

Keith Dell'Aquila, Director of Teacher Engagement - California Charter Schools Association

Genein is passionate and you can tell there's so much excitement and enthusiasm because this is coming from a place where she was. This wasn't just a general lecture, this was her talking from the heart and from a place of perseverance. She was able to inspire our student audience while teaching them about their financial futures and their road to happiness.

Alyson Beckman, Associate Director - Bruins Traditions, UCLA

Genein wowed the audience of soon to be first year commuter college students at our 6th Annual Commuter Retreat at Mount Saint Mary's University. Filled with anxiety and excitement about starting their college journey, Genein assuaged their fears by sharing with them about her experience as a contestant on Wipeout and equated it to seizing opportunities that will come their way. She delivered an inspiring message about "embracing the unknown" and "being comfortable with being uncomfortable." The students raved that one of the best aspects of the Retreat experience was hearing from Genein. She is an amazing motivational speaker. Her message was timely and profound for our students. Thank you Genein for the great work you are doing to inspire our future generation of leaders.

Faraah Mullings Brown, Ed.D. Director of Student Programming and Commuter Services - Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles
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