Harry Broadman

Harry Broadman, Finance, Finance Speaker, Global Business NSB Harry Broadman, Finance, Finance Speaker, Global Business NSB
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Harry Broadman: Trade, Tariffs and Tumult
Harry Broadman: Global Investment, Supply Chains, And Profound Uncertainty
Harry Broadman: Balancing Opportunities and Risks in Overseas Investment
Harry Broadman: Corruption and Investment
Harry Broadman: China's Rising Influence
Harry Broadman: U.S. Is Beginning to Behave Like China
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Harry Broadman

Former US Assistant Trade Representative; Chief of Staff, President’s Council of Economic Advisers; Senior Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Private Equity Executive; World Bank Official, and Harvard Professor.

About Harry Broadman

Dr. Harry G. Broadman is former US Assistant Trade Representative, Chief of Staff of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, Senior Managing Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Private Equity Investment Executive, World Bank Official, RAND Corporation Staff Member, and Professor at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. These positions have placed him at the forefront of the most critical global business and policy decisions over the past three decades. Broadman offers distinct--and often ...

Harry Broadman spoke at our bi-annual US Cotton Summit to a very diverse global audience of over 400 people from 30 countries and wowed them with his impressive knowledge of the world and his insights about how history is shaping so many of the current issues we face. We had very positive reviews in our follow up survey and I would heartily recommend Harry as a speaker.

Bruce Atherley, Executive Director, - Cotton Council International

Harry Broadman was asked to speak spontaneously and interactively with another expert on the "Challenges of China Today and Tomorrow". Harry's expertise, sense of the audience and demeanor allowed for a level of enhanced enlightenment beyond our expectations.

Earl Wright, Chairman - AMG Bank

Dr. Broadman's trenchant, actionable and compelling insights were most beneficial to our organization. The feedback from our guests was overwhelmingly positive

Lee Roberts, Managing Partner - Sentinel Risk Advisors and Share-Vu Capital

Harry's keynote speech at the Institute for Private Investors' Spring Forum in New York was confident-inspiring, insightful, and extremely well-received by our members.

Mindy Rosenthal, President - Institute for Private Investors

Harry was indispensable on the "Trade, Tariffs and Tumult" Mainstage Panel, which I chaired, at the 2019 National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Annual Summit. I knew I could ask him anything, and he would roll with it.

Dean Pinkert, former Vice Chairman - U.S. International Trade Commission
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