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Erin Merryn

Child Sexual Abuse Survivor, Advocate, & Force Behind "Erin's Law"

About Erin Merryn

Erin Merryn is a nationally recognized speaker, advocate, and published author. Her first book "Stolen Innocence" was published before she graduated high school. She is a survivor of child sexual abuse and is the force behind Erin's Law, a law that requires personal body safety taught in public schools. Erin published Stolen Innocence in 2004, Living for Today in 2009 and An Unimaginable Act in 2013, all memoirs.

People Magazine named her one of fifteen people changing the world in 2014 along with ...

Erin's Law and the message it carries is extremely important for all students. Her message will without a doubt have a significant impact on the children of this nation and lower the sexual abuse statistics that we now carry.

Jessica Mack - Willow School Social Worker

She shared her struggles and her triumphs in a way that left you hanging to her words and cheering for her success. You can't help but want to be in her corner after you hear her speak. She's a true beacon of light in the fight against child sexual abuse.

June Anne Chalfant - Vice President of Development - Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault - MOCSA

Erin was our guest speaker on 10/13/2016 for our Disability Awareness Week. She did an amazing job sharing her story and keeping the students engaged. Her message was impactful and reached so many of our students on campus. Her ease and friendly demeanor provided a safe space for students and staff to ask questions and gather more information. Her impactful message about never giving up and fighting for your goals was inspirational after hearing her life story. We cannot thank her enough for her time and message

Cheng Ko - Senior Disability Specialist University of California, Irvin

Erin's candid story of childhood sexual abuse and her determination to tell her story, educating and advocating in the process is remarkable. We are in awe of Erin's strength and how she moved our audience to tears by telling her story so eloquently.

Bridget Six, Fundraising Chair - Walworth County Alliance for Children

The audience turnout included more than 50 of the nation's leading youth sports organizations, who came to discuss child sexual abuse in youth sports and sound practices. Erin set the tone for what many felt was the best conference on the topic in years.

John Shehan, Executive Director, ECD - National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Erin Merryn is a powerful speaker and advocate for countless, faceless children and adults in our country who have similarly suffered sexual abuse. Through her speeches and books, Erin is an inspiration to professionals working daily to fight child abuse.

Chris Newlin - National Children's Advocacy Center
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