Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan, Innovation, Female Motivational, Business, Future of Work NSB Erica Dhawan, Innovation, Female Motivational, Business, Future of Work NSB

Erica Dhawan Speech Topics

Concrete Empathy: A Playbook for Leading Modern Teams to Innovation

We live in a culture defined by a distinct empathy deficit: The boss who expresses displeasure without giving valuable feedback. The mansplaining colleague who has no interest in the opinions of others. The team member who spends most of the meeting texting and answering emails.

Why is empathy...

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Get Big Things Done: Unleash your Connectional Intelligence:

We live in a world of endless meetings and emails and constant cross-team dysfunction, duplication, and delays. Our collaboration skills aren’t working to unlock better value in our business. The world’s leading collaboration expert Erica Dhawan argues that the game changer is a thoroughly modern...

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Digital Body Language: Collaborate Faster and Further, Together

Email replies that show up a week later. Video chats full of “oops... sorry no you go” and “can you hear me?!” Ambiguous text-messages. Is it any wonder communication takes us so much time and effort to figure out? How did we lose our innate capacity to understand each other?

Humans rely on body...

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Collaborate Faster and Further, Together

Learn the new common sense rules of effective communication on digital teams across business silos, levels, backgrounds and regions.

We all leave a digital impression on each other. If someone doesn’t text back for hours or even days, do you think they are being rude? Is using an emoji or...

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Maniacal Clarity: Reimagine Leadership to Drive Impactful Innovation

Inspire Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

We used to think of leadership as constant hustle and grit – the leader that never slept, sent profits through the roof, and embodied the classic rags-to-riches story… But this tired playbook doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did. What...

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