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Eleanor Guerrero Esq.

Success in Challenging Times

About Eleanor Guerrero Esq.

Eleanor J. Guerrero, J.D., a former prosecutor, is a dynamic, motivating speaker. She uplifts her audience, inspiring with humor, strength of vision, clarity and practical examples for positive action. Her topics range from Success in Challenging Times (for workplace and home) to Leadership skills, Full Faith and Credit and Domestic Violence laws and humorous keynotes on Stress, At Risk Youth, Fulfilling Your Role in Life and Success in Life. She creates workshops to order. She has been a ...

The fact the conference was filled to capacity is a reflection that you are viewed as an expert in the field and that others look to you for guidance on issues pertaining to crimes of violence and juvenile crime and prevention.

William W. Mercer - United States Attorney

Your presentation was very well received and we heard many positive comments about the information you provided. Again, thank you for your time and expertise.

Lisa Wells, President - Billings Area Family Violence Task Force
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