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John Stevens, Teaching Principles Table Talk Math, Mathematics, education, Classroom Chef John Stevens, Teaching Principles Table Talk Math, Mathematics, education, Classroom Chef
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John Stevens: Table Talk Math Overview
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John Stevens

Author of <i>Table Talk Math</i> and <i>The Classroom Chef</i>

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John Stevens is an instructional math and technology coach in Southern California who has also taught high school Geometry, Algebra 1, middle school Math, Service Learning, and Robotics, Engineering, and Design since 2006. As the co-author of "The Classroom Chef" and author of "Table Talk Math," he has served as the go-to guy for trying new, crazy, and often untested ideas to see how well they will work.

He co-founded and moderates #CAedchat, the weekly teacher Twitter chat for the state of ...

Teachers had a great day with tons of takeaway. The timing was spot on. The teachers were able to see a combination of technology and math and how the tech enhanced the math but didnt do the math. From a presentation standpoint, i learned the importance of timing, use of music, and am encouraged to step out of the box.

Scott Ellingson - Madera County Superintendent of Schools

Classroom Chefs & 3D printing....both top top notch

Eric Nichols - Harney ESD

The feedback from the teachers is that the push in element was one of their best experiences as a teacher. So often we send teachers to PD and expect them to come back and implement it right away. In reality, the PD you sent them to was something they could not envision working their classroom. When you give them the ideas and strategies that was great, but actually getting in the trenches with them and showing the teacher how it could look in their classroom was priceless. This is the PD that needs to be conducted more often.

Rachel Blackwell - Pulaski County SSD

You equipped teachers to use Desmos and gave various entry points to all the learners. Everyone that I spoke to afterwards was excited to use the knowledge they had gained in their classrooms. I spoke with teachers two weeks after the training and they were sharing how they were already using Desmos in their classroom with ideas on how to refine their students' experience and learning.

Melanie Janzen - San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

John is engaging speaker that had the whole crowd participating in his fun math activities. Parents and students were learning while having fun. John makes his math applicable to every day life. As a keynote speaker, John really goes above and beyond. He not only delivered a captivating presentation to an audience of over 300 people, he also helped set up and folded chairs at the end of the day. John really cares about helping families relate to math and have a positive experience in learning together. You're awesome John!

Ruby Rivera - PSUSD Family Engagement Coordinator

Teachers were engaged throughout the day. Our teachers were impressed that the strategies could be applied K-12 as well as in other subject areas.

Dianah Steinbrink - ESU 10
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