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Ed was the finest speaker I have ever heard. He was dynamic, inspirational, articulate, insightful, just simply outstanding. Our attendees, of whom there were about 600 medical and business people present, were spellbound by his presentation.
MEDNAX Services/Pediatrix Medical Group/American Anesthesiology
The feedback on your presentation has been exceptional and far exceeded our expectations. Your message fit perfectly to our needs, and I appreciate you making the effort to truly understand our organization.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
I found Ed Viesturs to be one of the most inspiring speakers . . . He has actually done something rather than just talking about what others are doing. And, I loved his message of set a goal, be persistent, patient, and try to keep your ego in check.
Bernie Noe - Lakeside School
Your talk was a perfect compliment to our meeting and many attendees commented to me on how they feel they will apply what they learned from you in their professional and personal lives.
Nancy M. Szigethy - NMS Management Inc.
The event was a huge success. Many of the dealers said that this was the most productive convention that they have ever attended; your speech was extraordinary and really helped drive home an inspiring message.
Andy Palframan - RainSoft
. . . you really made a big impression on everyone with your story, and everyone in the audience was able to relate your points to their individual challenges and pursuit of their goals.
Douglas Bartlett - Covidien - Respiratory & Monitoring Solutions
I would like to commend Ed Viesturs for the exciting and compelling keynote presentation he did for hundreds of our team members at the conclusion of the Ashley Summer Conference on June 29th, 2017. Ed's story of course is a remarkable one in terms of physical and mental achievement, but equally as important was his ability to relate his "lessons learned" to a ballroom full of business people. Ed was able to make the challenges and dynamics of high altitude mountaineering clear and relevant to our conference themes, which centered around "making the impossible possible". His use of beautiful mountain imagery to add to the content of the presentation excited the group. The high general knowledge of the 1996 Everest Tragedy was brought to life for all of them by a key player that was in a position to support and help the survivors, then keep his team centered for a successful summit bid within weeks of that event. Ed's platform and speaking skills were excellent. He is humble and honest on stage, and the reality of his words, adventures and achievements were lost on no one. It is without reservation that I strongly recommend Ed as a speaker and consultant for teams that are ready to get way outside of their comfort zones and change their mindset for what they believe is achievable, both personally and professionally.
Gene Lunger, Executive Vice President - Retail Ops - Ashley Furniture Industries
hank you for coming out and speaking to us. I have to share with you a note one our senior enlisted leaders sent me: "Thank you for bringing Ed Viesturs to us today. As he spoke, I was correlating everything he said to our operations, and to every other organization I've ever flown with. He was, without doubt, the best and most compelling speaking I've had the privilege to listen to in 26 years doing what we do. I'm so very appreciative. I know without reservation, you also saw something that would resonate with our Airmen, and frankly, any Airmen paying attention to what they do for a living. It was awesome.
Tiffany L. Behr, Lt Col - USAF
I cannot underscore enough how inspiring your talk was to our leaders. Throughout your talk there were these remarkable moments of group awe expressed with collective deep breaths along with laughter and deep inspiration. Folks came up to me later sharing how deeply moved they were - one woman was even fighting back tears. Talk about impact! It's quite rewarding for me to discover that our "purpose driven" leaders related so deeply to your reflections and experience as an incredible climber. Today as we have moved on from our plenary sessions to smaller group meetings and workshops it has also been fun to pick up on how your ideas, philosophy and experiences were shaping our follow-on conversations and strategy sessions in pursuit of significant goals.
Steve McConnell - FAIA, LEED AP
I have to tell you since last week Friday I have received nothing but raving reviews and compliments on your talk! Thank you very much for joining us and doing such an outstanding job. You were the highlight of the 3 days for most people (and definitely for me). I will not be surprised if you get a number of requests from RBC DS in the years to come (especially my counterparts in the East). I have already strongly recommended that they get you out to similar events.
Chris Oosthuizen | Regional Director, British Columbia - RBC Dominion Securities Inc.