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Diana Kander

Foster Curiosity In Your Organization For Exponential Growth

About Diana Kander

Diana Kander revolutionizes the way businesses look at innovation and curiosity. A New York Times best-selling author, innovation consultant and keynote speaker, she asks some big questions. What kind of culture needs to exist in an organization to ensure innovative ideas and practices? How has Snoop Dogg continued to innovate decade after decade to stay relevant to the next generation? What causes name brands to lose relevance with their customers and go out of business? Can organizational ...

Diana Kander's All in Startup and the training that she provided my product management team contains the principles that can make a significant impact on our organization's business results. My team really enjoyed the hands on interaction with Diana and the mentoring that she provided. The level of engagement from Diana made it really meaningful and much more personal. Most importantly the training has provided a roadmap for transforming our business into a more entrepreneurial company.

Perceptive Software/Lexmark

Wow, she had such a great message and I enjoyed her session the most. I've already started reading her book, The Curiosity Muscle, and it's so hard to put down. It's absolutely relevant in today's business world. I'd highly recommend her, and her book -- stop zombie projects, establish failure metrics and never stop being curious about your customers!

Affiliated Distributors

The Partnership was extremely happy with Diana Kander's presentation at our annual breakfast. We received a significant number of positive comments from a cross section of the community; economic development investors, elected officials and entrepreneurs. Diana's presentation was thought provoking and left attendees with an understanding of how they can become involved and assist growing startup companies in our community. Diana was very engaging, entertaining and gave timely advice. Obviously Diana is an expert in the field.

Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development

Diana spoke at one of our recent Leaders Conferences. We received many positive comments about her message and engaging speaking style. I would highly recommend Diana to any organization who wants a speaker who has lived the life of an entrepreneur and can communicate in a relevant and humorous way what it takes to start a business and be successful.

Assurity Life Insurance Company

I attended your presentation today and am very enthused and encouraged by your ideas. Your talk was very thought provoking and you are a gifted presenter and I really enjoyed your content/material and found multiple items that I could begin applying immediately that can improve my daily work. I was very intrigued with your concepts and approach!

Hallmark Cards, Inc

Diana was our opening keynote for our annual Youth Conference. She held our audience captivated as the discussed what goes through a business persons mind when deciding to make decisions Particularly when making hiring decisions.

California Workforce Association
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