Desi Williamson

Desi Williamson, Leadership NSB, leadership, marketing, motivational, sales, Top 10 Real Estate, Motivation, overcoming adversity, change Desi Williamson, Leadership NSB, leadership, marketing, motivational, sales, Top 10 Real Estate, Motivation, overcoming adversity, change

Desi Williamson Bio

Desi Williamson beat the odds! Despite growing up in a world surrounded by poverty, drugs, and violence, he overcame a myriad of obstacles to realize his dreams of becoming a successful businessman, professional speaker, and author.

The former scholar-athlete at the University of Minnesota transforms 25 years of sales, sales/management and marketing experience into high content programs that deliver results.

He doesn't give book reports! He's been on the front line, building multi-million dollar businesses, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and developing the potential in people for powerhouse companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Rain Bird Sprinkler Mfgr., PepsiCo, and Cadbury-Schweppes. Desi Williamson also owns a successful real estate investment company.

Desi began his career with Johnson & Johnson where he was second in the country in total sales production, he then dedicated 7 years to wholesale distribution with Rain Bird where he built a business from $800,000 in sales to more than $10 million during his tenure.

He continued his business building success with Pepsi-Cola Company where he managed a franchise-bottling network generating more than $85 million dollars in sales. He was, subsequently, promoted to a general sales manager capacity where he lead an organization of 250 employees consisting of both union and exempt employees generating $75 million dollars in business.

Before starting full-time in his speaking career, Desi Williamson spent his final 2.5 years as an executive with Cadbury Schweppes where he was responsible for generating more than $1,000,000 in new business, and directing a $35 million dollar business.

Although Desi had achieved success in the business arena, there was something more compelling that he wanted to do with his life. With a burning desire to help others, he founded Impact!! Seminars Unlimited, Inc., a company dedicated to helping organizations increase sales, increase customer service, and increase their bottom-line through empowered people.

Desi Williamson's broad range of experience as a corporate executive and entrepreneur allows him to present on these various issues with equal efficiency and effectiveness. He spent 4 years as a professional sales trainer for Tom Hopkins International.

Desi delivers with high impact! His, dynamic, magnetic, delivery style serves to empower you so that you take what you learn and apply it directly to your personal and professional life. Customizing his presentation to each specific audience, he discusses your business and "real world" solutions to the challenges you face. His clients all rave about his unique ability to weave their mission and strategic initiatives into the core of his presentation.

Desi Williamson is the author of a popular video training series now used by more than 150 correctional facilities across the country, four audio cassette programs and a new book titled, "GET OFF YOUR ASSETS!...How to Unleash the Power in You.

His list of clients include Fortune 500 corporations, civic organizations, and trade associations.

Whether a keynote presentation, a half day workshop, or full scale training session, his in depth, content driven programs empower you to, continuously, reach for higher levels of performance and make the changes necessary to get results. That's why Desi Williamson is known throughout the country as Mr. Impact!!