Debra Searle

Debra Searle inspirational, woman, adventure, overcoming, energy, passion, uk, england, europe Debra Searle inspirational, woman, adventure, overcoming, energy, passion, uk, england, europe
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Debra Searle

Motivational Speaker, Professional Adventurer and Founder of 4 Companies

About Debra Searle

Debra is a British professional adventurer and serial entrepreneur. Best known for rowing solo across the Atlantic, her expeditions have taken her around Antarctica, up to the Arctic Circle and everywhere in between. She has also launched five companies, is a published author, has presented for the BBC and is a trusted corporate speaker. The movie of Debra's Atlantic rowing story is currently in development in Hollywood.

Her Majesty The Queen has recognised Debra on two occasions - in 2002 with an ...

"As part of an all-virtual career day, Debra did a talk. Besides sharing her great story in an inspiring and entertaining way, Debra had a fantastic virtual present. She adapted her non-verbal and verbal communication really well to the virtual format and she took advantage of Teams (the virtual meeting platform) to really make the presentation interactive and exciting. I highly recommend Debra as a (virtual) speaker."

Frederik Gylling - Microsoft

"Yesterday I attended your Zoom call for Alexion and you are absolutely so inspiring. You gave us such a great perspective, which is so valuable during these times. Honestly, I must say that you are also a Zoom guru! It was so interactive, and you captivated all of us during the whole call. Thank you again! (She was booked for 3 different sessions so Asian, American, and Australian employees could all see her live.)"

Aysegul Ozkose - Alexion

"Your insights have certainly inspired the team to challenge the status quo and dig deep within to achieve what feels like the impossible."

Veronica Jones - Google

"We have lost that precious ability to connect and yet you managed to have us all gripped in a virtual world."

Michael Lavelle - Citibank

"Your story was deeply inspirational to both women and men. We received hundreds of comments from individuals across the globe. Comments ranged from people who shared how your story touched them personally as well as from people who shared how they desperately needed to hear your words of hope and strength during a time like this."

Jana Falvo - Dell Technologies
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