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How many businesses do you come across in a day that are just plain unremarkable? They have nothing unique that sets them apart from their competitors, and they exist only to extract value from their customers. To put it simply, there’s nothing about these types of organizations that’s worth...
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Every business exists to make money; there’s no question about that. However, the bigger question is - is that all your business exists to do? The reality is that most businesses don’t have a purpose beyond financial success, and the result is that they become commodities that can be easily...
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Leadership Calling
What is the purpose of great leadership? Is it to have the most power? Get the most credit? Have the most followers? Be the best? Or is it something deeper, richer… Is it to create a lasting impact for your organization that is far greater than you and lasts far beyond the scope of your life? In...
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Remarkable Dad
Think about the moments that make up your life to date. The big moments and the small, the funny and the heartbreaking, the memorable and the ones you’d rather forget. Now think about which moments you would include in your life story - the ones that are not only noteworthy but the ones that are...
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Remarkable Hospitality
When businesses consider their customer experience strategy, they often focus on mitigating the negative experiences - making up for the slow service, apologizing for the inconsiderate employee, refunding for the lost order. By focusing only on the problems that need to be fixed, they set the bar...
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