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Danny Kofke: Can a Family of Four Thrive on a Teacher's Salary?
Danny Kofke: FOX BUSINESS: How To Survive On A Teachers Salary
Danny Kofke: CBS The Early Show
Danny Kofke: Tips to Save
Danny Kofke: Surviving on a Teacher's Salary
Danny Kofke: Saving for retirement on a tight budget

Danny Kofke

If this 35-year-old school teacher can do well financially, then you can too!

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
About Danny Kofke

Danny Kofke is a Christ-follower, husband to his best friend, Tracy, and the proud daddy of Ava and Ella. In addition, he is currently a special education teacher in Georgia. He has also taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade and sixth grade classes and has been an educator for 15 years. Danny's love of teaching and helping others win with money led him to write 4 personal finance books including the recently released "The Wealthy Teacher: Lessons For Prospering On A ...

Your book was a real inspiration and I hope that many young professionals with limited incomes will follow the splendid examples of you and your wife.

Pat Robertson - Host - The 700 Club

Thanks again for coming in to see us. Great book, great story, great advice.

Ben Tinker - CNN Producer

Thanks Danny, you were terrific! Great having you on the show. Hope to do it again.

Steve Doocy - Host - Fox & Friends

You were terrific. And I enjoyed your book. Many thanks.

Fredricka Whitfield - Host - CNN
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