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Dan Thurmon Speech Topics

Virtual Presentation
Leading Others Through Change COVID19 has forced many organizations to face massive change - to be off-balance. Energy has suffered, productivity has decreased and team members have felt stuck. During this live, virtual presentation, Dan Thurmon provides a shift in thinking plus strategies to...
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Perform - Ability
It isn’t really possible to “always be at your best because every moment counts” - some moments count much more than others. That’s why it’s more important to be your best When It Matters The Most. In this keynote, peak performance speaker Dan Thurmon explores the reasons why some individuals...
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Off Balance On Purpose
A common challenge for organizations today is helping their employees bring more energy to work and not only embrace change but see it as an opportunity to lead. Dan Thurmon believes the reason that people struggle with change is they think they have to compartmentalize their life and keep...
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Off Balance on Purpose in Practice
Your people are your organization. When individuals perform well, the organization does too. For organizations to truly thrive, especially with a millennial workforce, they need to provide hands-on opportunities for personal development and create a culture of personal performance. “Change is...
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