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Hybrid Work: The Actions and Strategies to Navigate the Modern Workplace
The workplace has transitioned from a 9-to-5 on-site model to a flexible hybrid one. As a result, companies have been forced to accelerate technological change and to support both office and remote environments, all while maintaining an inclusive workplace culture. In this inspirational and...
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The 2021 Workplace Trends
With the increased adoption of new technologies, the Covid-19 pandemic, automation, and an ever-disruptive global economy, the modern workplace is in a state of flux. As a result, today’s companies are facing major challenges that will affect how they do business and compete for the best talent....
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A Whole New World of Work
Every leader in every organization and in every industry globally has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in some way, shape, or form. No leader could have predicted or planned for such a massive business and cultural change in such a short period of time. Most of the workforce programs and...
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Back to Human
Discover how the next generation of leaders can create a workplace where teammates feel genuinely connected, engaged, and empowered—without relying on technology. Based on an exclusive research study —featuring the perspectives of over 2,000 managers and employees across different age groups—Back...
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Bridging the Multi-Generational Gap
The workplace has become increasingly diverse and complex, as employees have to manage generational differences between four groups: Gen Z, Gen Y (Millennials), Gen X, and Baby Boomers. Each generation was born in a different time period, has diverse workplace preferences, and needs to be managed...
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The LeaderShift
Over the past decade, Dan Schawbel has helped all types of organizations unlock the secrets to recruiting, retaining, and growing their talent. As a leader, mentor, and researcher, Dan has dissected the cultural, technological, and economic drivers that drive organizational change. Today’s...
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