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Dale Berry

Award winning speaker and author with a focus on results

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
About Dale Berry

Dale Berry is an internationally recognized Certified Prosthetist with over 25 years experience of providing high level rehabilitative care for amputees around the world and presently serves as VP of Clinical Operations for Hanger Orthopedic Group, the world's largest rehabilitation corporation with over 650 clinics nationwide. Dale was selected to serve as Chairman of a Rehabilitation Forum at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to set standards and policies for the treatment of American soldiers ...

I believe that Dale's presentation and his program would be beneficial to just about anybody that is looking for a new perspective on how to overcome challenges.

Kari Vacura - Consulting Services

Dale is a powerhouse. My time is extremely valuable, and attending his presentation was well worth the investment. He delivers an exciting presentation that gave me specific tools to enhance both my professional career and my personal relationships.

Larry Kriesmer - Chartered Financial Consultant, Rancho San Diego,

My advice to a company looking for a great speaker is to hire this guy. Dale is terrific, he is a dynamic speaker, he is very believable and is someone who will inspire everyone in your company.

Stuart Bear Attorney-at-law - Chestnut & Cambronne
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