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Governing the Ungovernable: When Innovation and Regulation Collide
Is one company’s belief that an existing regulatory regime is outdated an excuse to ignore the the law entirely? Should forward-looking policymakers attempt to reign in the excesses of new industries, and if so, how? Corey built and led Uber's historic campaign to change laws the world over, and...
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The Future of Work from Ridesharing to Robots
Never before in human history has innovation and technological disruption so immediately enhanced or threatened the livelihoods of millions. The nature of work has been changing since long before the emergence of the sharing economy, but these companies have become the face of one of the most...
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The Cult of Creators: Entrepreneurship in the "We Generation"
Open any newspaper, tune to any TV channel, and you'll see a celebration of "entrepreneurs," a canonization of disruptors and inventors. And to be sure, entrepreneurship has never been more important to established and developing economies alike. But somewhere along the way it became enough to...
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