Clare Bowen

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Clare Bowen Text Reviews

We were so honored to have Clare perform at one of our client’s large private events. Clare’s beautiful, soothing voice drew the entire crowd in close before she even hit the first chorus. What a talent!
Nick Weir - CEO of Little Owen Entertainment
We contracted Clare Bowen to play out our home residence in Austin, Texas in August 2015. Organization before the event was very simple, as the agency was very organized and on top of all the details. Also, Clare has very few demands so that makes their job a lot easier. The night went flawless. It was for a surprise 50th birthday party for my wife. My wife is a big fan of Clare’s, and the personal time that Clare spent before the performance was priceless. She is such an awesome person that made the night that much more memorable. The concert was awesome, she was very engaging, and made the event very comfortable for all. She sang some of her own songs as well as some of the songs from ‘Nashville’. She is obviously very talented. Some of the people were not aware who she was before the night, but they were very aware of her talents within 2 minutes of the start of her performance. The singing and the personal touches she gave my wife made for a night that won’t ever be forgotten.
Tim and Laurie Phillips