Claire Haidar

Claire Haidar, Future of Work ceo, tech, executive, future of work Claire Haidar, Future of Work ceo, tech, executive, future of work
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Claire Haidar: Speaking Reel
Claire Haidar: TEDx: The Future of Work is Chaos
Claire Haidar: Chaos and Human Acceleration
Claire Haidar: Build a Workplace to Succeed
Claire Haidar: This Is Productivity
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Claire Haidar

Ceo of WNDYR, a Digital Transformation Services and Technology Company; Future of Work Expert

About Claire Haidar

Part chaos, part rocket fuel, Claire Haidar is a technology entrepreneur, pilot and future thinker about all things human, work and play.

She believes that work is a chaotic place. This is good and ultimately positive for humanity, but it’s highly disruptive for the foreseeable future. Chaos theory defined is this: what appears to be chaotic is in fact a complex system, where a lot of micro changes are happening regularly, in a seemingly unpredictable way.

Work on a global level is adopting ...

Thank you so much for your message to our clients. You hit some very relevant topics for them to understand about Gen Z and all employees that are struggling with time and technology. We thank you so much and appreciate your wisdom and experience.

Kim D. Anderson - Soltis Annual Investment Committee Conference

Everyone in the room was quite simply blown away with the quality and content of the presentation! Thank you for all of the time you put into preparing and presenting!

Tracy Dalton - Association of Corporate Council

Claire was great. She was a delight to work with and I thought she delivered a great presentation. A real pro.

Jeremy Figoten - International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

Thank you for sharing with us at AWI this morning. Your talents and hard work are to be commended and your message was shared with tremendous passion. I do hope to create some structure within the chaos.

Tim Gifford - Architectural Woodwork Institute

Both Claire and Hoot were excellent speakers for our event. Hopefully, we can work together again for next year's conference.

The Western Maryland IT Center of Excellence

I truly love (love) the way you interact with the clients pre-show. That is the magic, Claire and I thank you for that. You truly internalize the business objectives and do not just drop a client name into a presentation.

Peter Bavoso, VP Account Management - Drury Design
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