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Claire Berger

Claire Berger Proves Fun WORKS in the Work Place

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Did you hear the one about the CEO

Not only did Claire Berger hear it, chances are she wrote it. With a career in comedy that spans over 2 decades and around the globe -- from comedy clubs and colleges to keeping audiences entertained during the taping of popular sitcoms -- comedian Claire Berger realized that the one place where humor is most needed, but often missing, is the workplace. In her ability to reach people through humor, she discovered a valuable tool that could be highly effective ...

Claire was well prepared, professional and funny! Her presentation had humor directed specifically to our campus. Claire engaged the audience in several skits, which the audience enjoyed. She sent everyone away with a smile.

Barbara Austin - Purdue University

So many people came up to me and said your presentation was exactly what they needed right now--a boost of fun during these hectic times!The health care field is usually pretty serious but is really helps all of us to find something to laugh about.

Barbra Minor - Kaiser Permanente

In our esoteric business field, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to close the deal for our clients. We rarely get that in return. You gave us a level of professionalism few expected.

Charles Richards - Old Republic Title Company

Our team really enjoyed the humor you applied to your examples and references, and also how you personalized situations to our office. Your concept of adding humor to the workplace is something we can all work at to make our jobs more pleasurable.

Susan Strother - Pacific Bell
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