Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery

Legendary, Emmy Award-Winning Game Show Host

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Austin, TX, United States
About Chuck Woolery

With eight successful television shows, plus a ninth in development, few people know how to remain relevant in the entertainment industry better than Chuck Woolery. He has been called "one of the most recognizable faces in game show television" and has incredible appeal on-air because of his undeniable charm and affable "everyman" persona.

His latest work has led him on a surprising journey as a YouTube sensation for a series of humorous political videos called "Save Us Chuck Woolery." Woolery ...

To give you an idea of the impact that Chuck had in our church service, consider the following: on the day of his appearance, over 700 people were "connected" in small group Bible studies. What a miracle!

Kerry Shook, Sr. Pastor - Fellowship of the Woodlands - The Woodlands, TX
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