Christine Comaford

Christine Comaford

Expert in Business Acceleration

About Christine Comaford

Bill Gates calls her "super high bandwidth."

Bill Clinton has thanked her for "fostering American entrepreneurship."

Newsweek says "by reputation, Christine is the person you want to partner with."

For over 30 years New York Times bestselling author Christine Comaford has been helping leaders navigate growth and change. She is best known for helping her clients create predictable revenue, deeply engaged and passionate teams, and highly profitable growth. She delivers these impactful outcomes ...

How do you inspire a global sales force to adopt new, high velocity sales techniques and get beyond 'no' even in the face of a down economy? Christine Comaford Associates, that's how. Your proven tactics for sales and life success left everyone inspired.

Tim Minahan CMO - Ariba

Christine has an amazing mind that moves at the speed the rest of the world should. Her applicable and powerful concepts will benefit any organization that wants to scale new heights or position itself for maximum exit value.

Jason Beans CEO - Rising Medical Solutions Inc., G2 2011 Chair

Christine is super high bandwidth.

Bill Gates - Microsoft

By reputation, Christine Comaford is the woman you want to partner with.

Newsweek Magazine
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