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Cheryl Cran, Future of Work NSB Cheryl Cran, Future of Work NSB

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Cheryl's ability to provide new thought-provoking information as well as create energy and buzz around her topic was great. Cheryl provided strategies and solutions that were relevant, usable, as well as valuable takeaways to help people in their work.
TJ Johnson, Program Manager, Conferences - International Legal Technology Association
Her stage presence, her use of audience interaction & her depth of knowledge on how today's leaders can lead change, transform people & grow business in the digital age was the reason we hired her. She is so easy to work with.
Dean of AT&T University
. . . we recently hired her as our closing Keynote Speaker for our annual meeting--what a perfect fit! Cheryl's message was fully customized based on our business, our diverse audience and she closed our conference beautifully.
VP Federal Employee Benefits - Kaiser Permanente
Cheryl Cran's keynote on Lead Change with 2020 Vision was right on the money! Our EO Arizona Chapter members are entrepreneurs who have highly successful businesses and they were riveted by the content and the business relevance of Cheryl's presentation.
CEO - Executive Organization, Arizona