Cathy O'Dowd

Cathy O'Dowd, Adventurers leadership, Adventurers, Team Building, inspiration, Motivation, Conflict Management Cathy O'Dowd, Adventurers leadership, Adventurers, Team Building, inspiration, Motivation, Conflict Management

Cathy O'Dowd Text Reviews

ONLY (!) very positive feedback. The best talk ever. She attracted the audience's attention for the whole length of the speech.
Alexandra Blicke, Marketing Project Manager - UBS Global Asset Management
This is the first time we had a speaker who is not a "traditional business" speaker and I am happy to say that it was one of our biggest successes. For the first time the comments from our audience . . . were unanimously positive.
Nancy McKinstry, Chairman Executive Board - Wolters Kluwer
The combination of teamwork ideas and Everest stories was spellbinding--your presentation style is electric . . . the Monday keynote (i.e. you) received the highest rankings of all the 100+ sessions through the week.
Phil Grainger, advisor to planning committee - IDUG (International DB2 Users Group)
I have received nothing but positive and appreciative feedback on your talk--our delegates were enthralled, absorbed and inspired by it and I am certain that they all took away many of the messages which were contained in it.
John Staley, Independent User Groups Representative - SSA Global
. . . your brilliant keynote . . . was a tremendous success, and your story was a true inspiration to the sales force. It showed; as Rob mentioned to you on stage already, a standing ovation of our "tough" European audience means a lot!
Tjaarda de Loor, Event Marketing EMEA - Cisco Systems
The results are in! You were a hit! . . . Suffice to say, you were very effective, entertaining and inspiring. Your ability to adapt your powerful story to meet our specific needs was uncanny.
Frank R. Wilson (Director, HRD, APAC) - Nokia Mobile Phones
To say people were impressed is an understatement! You managed to mix the business speak in without it sounding trite--you acknowledged the buzz words without decrying the language of business. You were able to relate your experience to the business world.
Hugh Spalding (HR Business Consultant) - Hewlett Packard Services
Your speech last week left everyone very moved in the best sense of the word. Even my most cynical colleagues were impressed and took away some things to 'munch' on intellectually.
Patricia Seeman - Zurich Financial Services
Thank you so much for your time out here . . . The slides were incredible and the tragic moments added to the reality of it all. All in all you made a very common topic--teamwork--more real and vivid and everyone took a lot away.
Thura Ko (Communications, Media and Entertainment) - Goldman Sachs
Thank you not only for great delivery of a great story but more importantly for interpreting my brief so well and aligning your message to our conference theme.
Karen McGrath, Conference Organiser - Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Cathy's professionalism was rst class, not only at the event but also in the build up to the event. The presentation Cathy gave was greatly appreciated . I would strongly recommend her as a professional speaker.
Event Organiser - European Retail Forum
The participants loved your presentation, the story and the structure of it it! So thank you very much again for having contributed to the success of the conference!
Event Organiser - Arendt
You did a wonderful job, and your inspiration to us was very well received! I was very impressed with the decision making interaction. Your team decision making insights were very helpful combined with the challenge to the group to be bold and do what has never been done before! The participants really responded to your story.
Decision Making O cer - Daimler AG
I have received a lot positive feedback. People felt drawn into your story, very engaged and found it thought provoking. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.
CEO - Voice Norge
A huge thank you for injecting some much needed excitement and laughs at ProcureCon Europe. A fantastic presentation that more than t what I wanted and the feedback has been very positive.
ProcureCon EU
Cathy was a keynote speaker at two our international conferences. Every year we host more than 200 speakers at our events, and I can say that Cathy is de nitely in top 5 speakers we ever had! The inspiration she brings to the stage is unforgettable!
Leap Summit & Innovation Island Croatia
Cathy is engaging, authentic, spirited and was able to completely capture the attention of everyone in the room (2,000 senior level hospitality executives) and o er a compelling story but more importantly, tactical advice for better navigation of the unexpected. Leading up to the event, as Marketing Director, my role is to drive event awareness and Cathy was so easy to work with in helping to create some engaging teaser campaigns that helped us generate more tra c to our site. I would highly recommend Cathy to speak at any upcoming event in need of a truly inspirational and one-of-a-kind talk.
International Hotel Investment Forum
A truly inspiring talk I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few such events but yours stood out for me, mainly for not only the very powerful messages but also for the staggering humility you displayed.
Vice President - CWT Global Leadership event