Carole Maggio Bio

Facial exercise guru, Carole Maggio is a best-selling self-help author whose books and DVD's are sold worldwide. Carole and her unique Facercise program have been featured on numerous television programs, including Dateline, CBS, CNN, BBC, ABC and QVC Network. She has been featured in the NY Times, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, MORE, SELF Magazine and many others. Facercise has also been twice voted as "One of the Top 100 Beauty Products in the World" by Harpers Bazaar. Her program is a viable alternative to plastic surgery, fillers and Botox. In fact, Facercise is used by hundreds of thousands of clients world-wide, earning her the honor of being recognized as the world's foremost authority on facial exercises. In addition, Carole provides a myriad of information regarding positive affirmation, how to use energy to achieve success, live cell therapy, dry brushing, bio-identical hormones, detoxification, anti-aging supplements and healthy lifestyle and dietary choices.

Carole introduced her latest version of the program, Ultimate Facercise with the release of her book and DVD in early 2011 in eleven languages. Carole's personal mantra has always been, "You can't help growing older, but you don't have to look older". At age 66, Carole is a walking testimony to her words and exudes a youthfulness, confidence and zest for life.

Ms. Maggio also developed an all natural anti-cellulite and body sculpting solution called No Lipo Lipo . The technique rivals Endermologie and Liposuction at a fraction of the cost. No Lipo Lipo reduces and eliminates stubborn cellulite, tones and sculpts the body resulting in inches lost and confidence gained. No Lipo Lipo is a non-invasive approach that combines a dry brushing technique with a deep knuckle treatment. On average, clients lose between 8-14 inches after just ten treatments. No Lipo Lipo originated as an in-spa treatment and is now available to clients worldwide as at home treatment with the release of the No Lipo Lipo DVD in 2010.