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Brian Olsen

Acrobatic, Artistic Performer

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Denver, Colorado, United States
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The lights go down and the excited chatter subsides as the audience turns toward the spotlight on the far side of the room. Suddenly an explosion of shouts and cheers erupts through the crowd as an energizing beat surges through the air and Brian Olsen charges onto the stage.

With his hands full of brushes, he begins an engaging acrobatic performance - sometimes throwing the paint, sometimes strategically planting a paint saturated elbow on the canvas, or rapidly tapping a series of marks with his ...

"Never have we had so many positive comments from our guests on a performer. Brian's art appealed to everyone in the audience and left them entertained and excited. I have recommended Brian Olsen to several other groups. He was fabulous!"

James Giroux

"The show was a spectacular experience from the moment Brian entered the stage to the unveiling of his masterpieces. Throughout his performance, we were continually amazed at his artistic genius and showmanship, plus had a great time guessing the name of who would be the famous face on the portrait."

Joy Gish

"When the auctioneers gavel finally dropped with a bang, the Lennon sold for lots of money and our investment in him was firmly in black ink! By the end of Brian's performance the audience was thrilled, entertained and inspired. As for me, I was overjoyed beyond words."

Harry Jameson

"I want to thank you for an outstanding performance at our National Convention, our audience was thrilled with your Art In Action. Their excitement with your work carried over to the Saturday night auction when the two paintings sold at premium prices. It was a pleasure working with both you and James!"

Linda Schoenrock

"If you have the opportunity to have Brian Olsen at your festival, group meeting, or any other event, I strongly encourage you to do it. Sponsoring Brian at the Des Moines Arts Festival was a fun and wonderful opportunity for us."

Sara Todd

"The show was fabulous and feedback was 100% positive. Given we hadn't announced what the entertainment was, it was not only a huge surprise, the shock value of Brian's performance was wonderful. The execution and timing were flawless."

Bruce Brda
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