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Boris Brott: Boris Brott at Glenfiddich Liquors
Boris Brott: Beethoven 9
Boris Brott: Bach Little Fugue Orch Climax
Boris Brott: Little Fugue Woodwinds
Boris Brott: William Tell
Boris Brott: Mozart Jupiter

Boris Brott

Conductor and Artistic Director of Brott Music Festivals

About Boris Brott

Boris Brott is one of the most internationally recognized Canadian conductors, holding major posts as music director in Canada and the United States. He enjoys an international career as guest conductor, educator, motivational speaker and cultural ambassador.

In Canada, Mr. Brott has developed no less than six Canadian Orchestras: Thunder Bay Symphony, Regina Symphony, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, CBC Winnipeg, Symphony Nova Scotia, and most notably - The Hamilton Philharmonic, where Mr. Boris ...

I can not begin to tell you how well you were received by the entire group.

Columbia National Inc

A real crowd pleaser.

Fannie Mae

"Your topic "Orchestral Teaming" was most timely, imparting useful information that I am certain is, today, enhancing the skills of IBM's consultants.


Bravo! Your performance at our annual convention in Toronto was superb.

Independent Insurance Agents of America

You really made the event come alive by allowing our sales teams to participate in making beautiful music together. This is an experience our teams will not soon forget.

Kari Martin, Communications Manage - Microsoft Corporation

Your interesting comparison of Marriott to a symphony orchestra was refreshing, and certainly started off our meeting on an upbeat note.

William R. Tiefel, President - Marriott Lodging
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