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Dr. Bob Nelson Speech Topics

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work
An Overview of the Leading Labor Trends that will Affect all Organizations in the Upcoming Years (1-2 hours) Several emerging human resources trends will come to dominate the competitive success of every organization. In this session, leading authority and international best-selling author, Dr....
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Strategies for a More Engaged Workforce
Research-based Strategies for Increasing Employee Engagement in Challenging Times (1-2 hours) Most employees today feel overworked and under appreciated. During times of change when we are asking them to do more with less, they report feeling less valued and more stressed for their efforts than...
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Engaging & Retaining High Potential Employees
Learn How Best to Identify, Develop and Retain Your High Potential Talent—Before They Leave as the Economy Improves. (1-2 hours) Organizations have dedicated and invested millions of dollars in identifying and developing High Potential Employees (HIPOs) within their workforce. This top talent is...
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Creating a Culture of Recognition
Build Recognition into the Strategies and Behaviors of the Organization, Transform Your Workplace into an Employer of Choice (1-3 hours) Recognition for performance represents the single most validated principle for driving desired behavior and performance in today’s challenging times. According...
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Motivating the Millennials
Understanding, Attracting, Motivating and Keeping the Youngest Generation that is Entering the Workplace Engaged and Productive (1-2 hours) As featured in a CBS 60-Minutes interview with Morley Safer—best-selling author Dr. Bob Nelson shares his insights on the latest generation to enter the...
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Inspiring Exceptional Performance: Taking Initiative
Tap into the Initiative of Every Employee, Spark Employee Ideas and Innovation, Make Jobs More Fulfilling (1-2 hours) Do you want to inspire exceptional performance? In this presentation, best-selling author Dr. Bob Nelson will share his research and strategies for getting all employees to take...
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Ubuntu: Inspiring Teamwork & Collaboration at Work
Inspire a Greater Sense of Purpose, Connectedness and Unity Among Your Team Members (1-2 hours) Multi-million copy best-selling author Dr. Bob Nelson shares his expertise and energy to show managers and organizations how to obtain new levels of focus, excitement and results in any work...
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Innovative Benefits for Different Generations
Learn Ways You Can to Expand Your Employee Benefits Offerings for Different Employees – Especially Using No-Cost Benefit Options (75-90 minutes) Human Resources is expected to offer greater benefits coverage on a declining budget—seemingly an impossible task. But by being creative and aligning...
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