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The Sky Is Not The Limit - You Are!
This is a high energy, fun, and visual journey into the inner workings of the minds of elite performers. Once an audience understands what separates hopes and dreams from reality, there will be no stopping them. Bob has cracked the code on dealing with fear. When you take fear away, there is...
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The 1.2% Factor
In this keynote, Bob Davies explains his methodology in an exciting conversation that engages the audience with a simple yet profound set of actionable ways to reach their health, business and personal goals. By developing a mental capacity for enhanced performance, Bob's audience will realize...
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The Manager as a Coach
After graduating from Rutgers University, Mr. Davies used his passion for athletics and motivation to coach high school football for two years. His expertise earned him a position as the head football and wrestling coach as the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), and later as an...
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Entertainment Through Hypnosis
Bob Davies uses his hypnosis demonstration to illustrate his concepts on human perception. The real stars of his show, however, are the audience volunteers who come up on stage to be hypnotized. Bob's hypnosis presentation is unlike any stage entertainment using hypnosis you may be familiar with....
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A Culture of Safety - The Behavioral Approach
Companies undoubtedly intend to comply with OSHA regulations for both their employees' well being and for the increased productivity that comes with a healthy workforce. Despite robust safety protocols and extensive employee training, occupational injuries remain a serious problem. One out of...
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Wellness Program
Weight loss organizations are not designed to help you lose weight; if they worked, they would be out of business! The truth is, a solution does exist to lose weight, and the best part is that there is no diet, willpower or exercise required. It seems too good to be true, but through his...
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Behavioral Economics - Understanding Why Your Clients Take On the Mind of the Market and What to do About It
We all learn to respond to authority and fear - it's built into our society! In fact, we go out of our way, and defy our morality, to show obedience to authority figures. In this fascinating keynote presentation, Bob Davies shows his audience how fear and a group-think mentality affects the...
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It's All Attitude
The user manual for the human brain is finally here, and no one is more qualified to present it to your audience than Bob Davies! In this exciting program, Bob explores the sequence of events that leads to success, and how to influence their own perceptions in order to instantly change how they...
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