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Benjamin Zander Motivation, music Benjamin Zander Motivation, music
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Benjamin Zander

Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic

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Boston, MA, US
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Benjamin Zander started his early musical training, in his native England, with cello and composition lessons under the guidance of his father. When he was nine, Benjamin Britten, England's leading composer, took an interest in his development and invited the family to spend three summers in Aldeburgh in Suffolk where he lived. This led to a long association with Britten and lessons in theory and composition from Britten's close associate Imogen Holst, daughter of Gustav Holst.

He left school ...

You connected with our people in many different ways: your stories touched and inspired, entertained and made us laugh. The managers were thrilled that you autographed their books; many of them read the book cover to cover on the plane ride back home!

Sherry Hollock, VP Organization Development - Federated Department Stores, Inc.

Benjamin Zander draws parallels between the conductor of an orchestra and the CEO of a company, in the most unforgettable and entertaining way possible.

Russell Loubser, CEO - JSE Securities Exchange

In his passionate, almost savagely energetic monologues, Zander leaps about the stage from his piano to a flip chart and back to the piano. He plays, lectures, spins tales, and pushes his audience to laugh, cry, and sing . . .

Polly LaBarre - Fast Company

If we could simply bottle it, and sell it as an elixir, not only could we make a few bucks, but also change the world.

Eric Oddeifson - Resource Investments, Inc.
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