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Barry White Jr.

Barry White Jr., Education Motivation, Teacher Motivation, Exclusive Premiere handshake, Teacher, at-risk, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, individualized Barry White Jr., Education Motivation, Teacher Motivation, Exclusive Premiere handshake, Teacher, at-risk, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, individualized
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Barry White Jr.

The "Handshake Teacher"

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Charlotte, North Carolina
About Barry White Jr.

Popularized as the "Handshake Teacher", Barry White Jr. is a top tier educator in the North Carolina school system, teaching 5th graders of Ashley Park Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. White earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Claflin University, and is also a distinguished member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

As an educator for the past three years, Mr. White has made it his mission to build relationships with students and create a family ...

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Aspiring educators: The road less traveled

Barry seeks to provide college students with strategies that have enabled him, as well as others, to become prestigious leaders and ...

Professional Licensed teachers & Administrators: (Head &Heart).

Given his expertise and experience as an Educator, Barry is equipped to provide teachers with fundamental strategies that will enable ...

Alternate Future’s (Head and Heart)

Throughout every child’s educational journey, students encounter many obstacles. Some of these obstacles may be small and ...

Barry provided both valuable and insightful strategies, resources, and information that cultivated the minds of our leaders, regardless of their expertise or background.

Dr. James Q. Hammond, Ed.D., Superintendent - Ontario Mont Clair School District

We hosted Barry White Jr. as the keynote of our annual fundraising dinner. We had the opportunity to interact with him throughout the day prior to the event that evening. Barry was very prepared, professional, generous with his time, and extremely down to earth. He interactions with children and the business and civic leaders at the fundraiser were equally impressive. Overall, I would say that Barry White Jr. is a passionate and talented presenter who captivates his audience with thought-provoking authenticity. You will leave an encounter with him challenged and enthused to make an impact in your community.

David Hughes, Headmaster - Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science

As teacher, Barry exudes joy and authenticity that makes learning contagious. As a speaker, he leverages these same strengths to invest his audience. He's dynamic, engaging and real - and makes a powerful and positive impact on all who are listening.

Meaghan Loftus, Principal - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Mr. White used his passion and zeal to drive his message, leaving our leaders energized and motivated to implement his concepts in their schools.

Irma Sanchez, Office of the Superintendent - Ontario-Montclair School District

Barry White Jr. delivered a keynote experience, complete with personal handshakes, humor, and passion that ignited the new cohort of teacher candidates at Elon University.

Jennifer Strange, Coordinator of Instructional Technology - Elon University
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