Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Women, Women in Business shark tank, NSB Barbara Corcoran, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Women, Women in Business shark tank, NSB

Barbara Corcoran Speech Topics

Barbara’s Rags to Riches Story
How do you turn a $1,000 loan into a five billion dollar business? According to self-made real estate empress and TV personality Barbara Corcoran, you do it by learning how to fail well. She tells the story of how, armed with a $1000 loan and her own gritty determination, she quit her job as a...
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How To Lead Your Team To Greatness
Ms. Corcoran, who led 1,000 + brokers at The Corcoran Group, New York’s largest real estate company, is an expert in the art of leading a team to success. She knows exactly what it takes to create a thriving workplace and how to develop a winning team from a diverse group of employees from Gen Y...
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How to Build a Business—Using Innovation, Branding, Leadership & Guts
Innovation may be the single most important key to success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Barbara Corcoran is known for having built the most successful real estate business in New York City, and now she reveals the unconventional strategies she used to do it: how to create an image...
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Reinventing Yourself at Any Age
No one knows more about reinvention than D-student turned real estate maven turned TV personality Barbara Corcoran. She first ‘reinvented’ herself when her business partner and boyfriend ran off with her secretary. He swore she’d never succeed without him and, although she believed him for a...
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The Real Estate State of the Market
Founder of The Corcoran Group and real estate contributor to the NBC TODAY Show Barbara Corcoran addresses the state of the market in real estate, from what’s happening today to where things are headed tomorrow. She’ll show real estate professionals how to communicate, negotiate and close the...
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