Dr. Ashish Jha

Dr. Ashish Jha, Health & Wellness healthcare, Health Care, covid Dr. Ashish Jha, Health & Wellness healthcare, Health Care, covid

Dr. Ashish Jha Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence and its Application to Global Health

What is the state of global healthcare delivery currently?
What are the major tools of AI that might actually be useful?
What are the likely benefits of AI in low and middle income countries and are those benefits larger than
the ones in high income nations?
How do we capture these benefits?

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Value-Based Care: Past, Present and Future

Well before the COVID pandemic, value-based care was getting traction
The pandemic has made plain that the HC system can’t continue with business as usual
Value-based care and alternative payment models will likely dominate the healthcare scenery over the
next decade
What is the evidence that any...

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Why Does the US Spend So Much More on Healthcare than Other Nations?

What are the major factors that drive higher spending than other high income countries?
Why has most of the senior health policy community gotten this so wrong and how can we use data to
explain higher spending?
What are key policy prescriptions that are needed to bring healthcare spending under...

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Pandemics and Pandemic Preparedness: Life after COVID

COVID is ushering in an era of more intense disease outbreaks and pandemics
How COVID has exposed the weak global pandemic preparedness approach
What are the major investments we need to make to be better prepared for future outbreaks?
What are things that companies/private sector needs to do?

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COVID19 and the Future of the US Healthcare System

What are the major effects of the pandemic on the US healthcare system?
Who have been the big winners and losers?
What are the likely changes that are coming? Beyond telemedicine – how will payment models, workforce issues change?

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COVID-19 in the USo Where are we now in the pandemic?

How did we get to this point in the US?
What will the next 6 to 12 months bring?

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COVID 19 – The Global Perspective

Using a global lens to under how the pandemic has shifted across the globe
How different nations have responded
What can countries learn from one another in terms of international response to COVID 19?

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