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Byron Reese, Artificial Intelligence blockchain, NSB Byron Reese, Artificial Intelligence blockchain, NSB
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Byron Reese

Inventor, Technologist, Author, Entrepreneur, Eternal Optimist

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Austin, TX, US
About Byron Reese

With a gift for storytelling, Byron captivates audiences around the world with the message that technology is empowering us to build a better world, and he invites his listeners to imagine this better world and build it.

As a lifelong entrepreneur with multiple IPOs and successful exits under his belt, Byron frequently speaks to business audiences on how to excel in the world of tomorrow, and how to deploy technology successfully.

He states: “Technology multiplies human ability. That’s ...

At a time when tech finds itself in a tumultuous period, we were fortunate to have Byron speak to our team about the future of technology. His message was inspiring, hopeful, and optimistic. And he delivered his talk with authenticity and passion. Simply put, he nailed it!

Frank Thom - Google

Byron Reese was an engaging and energetic speaker. I was very impressed with his ability to develop a talk so very well suited to our organization. I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and would recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker who really puts in the extra effort to ensure his talk is on point.

Kevin, Director - Johnson & Johnson

Byron was awesome! His session has gotten very positive feedback on our post-meeting survey, and it's been fun to hear references to his presentation come up in meetings over the past week. And as a communicator, I'm still in awe of his deck. So awesome!"

Sarah. S. - JP Morgan

. . . Byron Reese was not something the conference expected. . . . I was struck about Byron's precise dissection of how our future is and will be determined by the data that is already starting to shape our lives: our self-generated data.

Dr. Alberto Conti - Archive Scientist at STSI and former Hubble Chief Engineer

Every heartbeat becomes a data point bringing us one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of humankind. Every person's life contributes to the greater good, simply through the act of living. I found his talk to be highly enthusiastic, visually engaging,

Alison Kawa - Founder of Social Sonar, Crowd Conference Attendee

Our audience really enjoyed Byron's presentation. What people found to be the most interesting, was that he didn't just focus on the cool future of technology in our lives but how we as humans make the choice on how it is used to make a better world.

Holli Riebel, Chief Operating Officer - Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
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