Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie

Hypnotic Goal Setting Technique Teaches Visualization of Goals

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Florida, United States
About Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie's "Hypnotic Goal-Setting" presentation will delight and astound the audience at your next conference. With actual volunteers from the audience, Tony demonstrates the power of the subconscious mind and teaches the audience valuable lessons on how visualization can help achieve their goals.

Tony Galie brings a new approach to an old problem - how to get and stay motivated over a long period of time. Most people are only able to stay focused on their goals for a few days at a time - ...

In addition to being fun and interesting, you demonstrated the power of the unconscious mind and the practical benefits of creative visualization. Your session proved to be the most memorable as well as the highest rated by our guests.

Bridget Kavanaugh, Corporate Communications Maner - CRAIN COMMUNICATIONS

You have the gift of being able to interweave the business message with high impact entertainment. You left our guests with a truly memorable and entertaining evening--they continued to express their amazement with your presentation the next day.

Michael Ervolina. President - VALU HOME CENTERS

You entertained us and stretched our imaginations. . . . I was particularly pleased with the way you tied our key 2000 Business Plan into your presentation--it reinforced them in a truly unique way!

Paulette Balich, Operations Vice President - BELL ATLANTIC
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